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The Facts that everyone needs to Know About the Internet Affiliate Marketing Business

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There are estimated 7.3 million new webpages created everyday. Millions of people are generating good money by doing internet marketing and tons of people, enter the internet marketing arena everyday.

98% fails within a few months.

These failures can be avoided, if these newbies knew basics about Internet Marketing. The basic fundamental is what type of website you are going to develop to make money.

According to me, the basic equation of internet marketing is – Traffic from X number of conversions = unlimited money

The first step every new affiliate, webmaster or publishers is to get web traffic on the website or product you will be promoting and believe me that’s the hardest part of it.

There are two typical ways how you can get the traffic on your websites. 1st you wait for traffic to come on your website automatically through search engines likes Google, yahoo, bing or you can take some help that diverts the traffic to come to you – like by doing article writing, pay per click advertising, Google ad-words, Microsoft ad-center and buying media sources.

In order to drive traffic from search engines, you need to do research on top keywords which focus on your content that ranks high on search engine results for various keywords and phrases.

Once your website starts generating traffic, your aim should be to earn money through advertising by joining CPA networks like There are tons of other Internet Networks using which you can earn commission and money everyday.

After joining ManziNetworks, you can choose the offers you wish to promote. There are various categories using which you can choose the offers. The offers are on the basis of Cost per Lead (CPL), Cost per Search (CPS), Cost per clicks (CPC) and Cost per sales/transactions (CPT)

The basic problem with content based websites is its very difficult to capture your visitor’s email addresses and build subscribers list out of it. Everyone who is using Internet Marketing business for long knows that subscriber or opt-in mailing list is one big money generator for life.

Yes, that’s really, absolutely true. The money is in your list!

The other way to run a website is to restrict access to your website by putting what we call a squeeze page between the visitor and your website content. A squeeze page is basically a page with an opt-in form on it that the visitor needs to enter their email address into before they’re allowed to view your content on your website.

There are a lots of ways to do this. By forcing your visitors to give you their email addresses in order to get what they want, which is your content, you build your subscriber list that you can market your offers or products later.

A lot of internet marketers add newsletter subscription form or free eBook giveaway etc to their content websites hoping visitors to give their email addresses. In reality, that doesn’t work very well, you would need to flood a traffic to harvest even a few email addresses.

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing programs, in current years, has without doubt come a long way and is now considered to be a most profitable way for earning money. However, even with a lot of people becoming successful at it, there are those who still don’t cope to make enough.

There are lots of reasons as to why this happens but instead of that, we should try to focus on what would help generate more income for the affiliate marketers. The promotional materials are often provided by the CPA Network companies themselves and can be anything from banners, mailers as well as webpage advertisements.

If you know how to maximize these materials and use them , then they can most certainly help in generating more revenue.

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