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Welcome back, in this blog we will discuss ways of creating and designing an educative blog/website. So if you are new here, I would request you to please read my first blog titled “Purchase a Domain Name”.

Now that we have a domain name and a hosting provider, we need to sit down and understand how we need to design our website. Here are some simple suggestions from my end.

1) Use the “KISS” rule. Keep It Simple Silly. No offence to anybody, but when we are new at designing a website, we forget this rule and want everything on our website. So we will follow the KISS rule and try to make our website more constructive in terms of the contents rather than the look and feel.

2) There are various CMS blog tools available on the Internet. One of my favorites is “Wordpress”. The other popular tool is Joomla. Both these tools are free of charge and easily available with your hosting provider. You can just google these tools and read the features. Trust me, its amazing.

3) Once you have made up your mind on the CMS tool, you just need to install it on your hosting server. If you are facing any technical issues, you can contact the customer service of your hosting server and he will do the needful.

4) Once you have installed the CMS tool, you need to google for free themes for these tools. So once you have the desired answers from google, browse them and select the theme which you like.

5) Like I discussed earlier, we will be designing a “Travel Information” blog/website, so I would generally look for a corporate color theme, rather than too many bright colors. If it is a personal blog/website, you have the liberty of selecting any color theme.

6) Please keep in mind that a recent Internet study revealed that 70% of people like light shade colors compared to darker shades. So select a theme that has few colors and the background is white, light grey, light blue etc.

7) Once you have uploaded the theme through the CMS tool, you have completed 50% of your task to generate quality traffic on your blog/website.

Friends, those of you who are technically sound with HTML/DHTML/CSS/PHP etc can even tweak the codes of the theme to meet your requirements.

We will discuss in my next blog, ways of completing the remaining 50% target of achieving quality traffic on your blog/website.

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  • Amit singh

    October 8, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    I am eagerly waiting for your next blog. Great tips 🙂

  • Mike

    October 10, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Thanks for the share! Very useful info, looking to communicate!

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