Manzinetworks empowers your website to generate ad earnings for you. Once you Sign-up with Manzinetworks, your web page can potentially entice ads from advertisers across the globe. Ensuring you of a constant stream of marketing revenue. By joining the Manzinetworks network you offload your attempt of marketing ad space on the website to Manzinetworks. And just enjoy the revenues that your website has the potential to make.

Our service ensures that the best of websites with good content gets the advertiser it deserves. By aggregating pages with similar content into categories, Manzinetworks can effectively offer your web pages as a part of a great value offering to potential Advertisers.


High Performing Offers We give you hundreds of offers to choose from, so that you can get higher return. We have designed and placed each offer depending on Country and Niche markets, to make it simpler for the Publisher at the time of choosing a particular campaign.

Real Time Reporting We provide you with real time reporting, with which, each publisher has access to view his/her commissions earned and conversion rate. The publisher can view leads, clicks, impressions and sales of his/her offers run, which is available 24*7.

Reliable Tracking Manzinetworks is powered by Hasoffers, which is Affiliate Network Industry’s one of the best tracking interface.

Payout We follow a NET30 payout mechanism. Our payout is generally made through Paypal or cheque. Forth nightly payments are also available for High performing publishers. Please read our payment policy Here.

Personal Publisher Support Manzinetworks believes in Publisher Delight and not Publisher Satisfaction, which is provided to the publishers through our assigned affiliate team, who are available during business hours to help the publishers as and when needed. We understand that publishers are important in an affiliate network. Publishers and Network work hand in hand to create a WIN-WIN situation.


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