Payment Terms

What are Manzinetworks Payment Terms

ManziNetworks works on NET30 payment terms by default. We will pay you any Commissions earned monthly, in Net 30 days, provided that your account is currently greater than $50. Accounts with a balance of less than $50 will roll over to the next month, and will continue to roll over monthly until $50 is reached. We reserve the right to charge back to your account any previously paid Qualified Actions that are later determined to have not met the requirements to be a Qualified Action.

Lets make it simpler.

A) In the month of January you have earned $20.00. You will not be paid as the minimum threshold is $50.00

B) In the month of February you have earned $25.00. You will again, not be paid as the minimum threshold is $50.00. Till February you have earned $45.00 ($20.00 + $25.00)

C) In the month of March you have earned $30.00. Now you have exceeded your threshold in March so you will get paid after NET30 days of end of the month, that is in May. You will be paid $75.00 ($20.00 + $25.00 + $30.00)

Payment for Commissions is dependent upon Clients providing such funds to ManziNetworks, and therefore, you agree that ManziNetworks shall only be liable to you for Commissions to the extent that ManziNetworks has received such funds from the Clients. You hereby release ManziNetworks from any claim for Commissions if ManziNetworks has not received such funds from the Clients.

Exchange Rates – The USD to INR exchange rates is solely on the discretion of ManziNetworks Media LLP. We revise our exchange rate Bi-Annually. We have fixed the exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs. 50/- INR for Q3 & Q4 2013.

Mode of Payments – We pay Indian publishers by check and NEFT (Online Bank Transfer). All non-Indian publishers are paid via PayPal or Wire Transfers. Minimum threshold for wire transfer is $2000. Our system tracks all earnings in US Dollars.

If you have any doubts regarding this, please feel free to contact us!

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