ManziNetworks is Leading Digital Ad-network

supplying exceptional inventory to advertisers across genres.

Offering both branding as well as Performance campaigns

ManziNetworks can be witnessed as an advertiser’s single destination for all needs.


USPs of ManziNetworks stock build up may be summed up as follows..

  1. More than 1 billion high quality impressions served per month.
  2. Premium as well as Performance campaigns to enhance campaign efficiency.
  3. Most noticeable ad-placements on leading Indian and International sites.
  4. Our stringent partnering process and our strong validation practice makes sure that only credible and authentic websites are a part of our network.
  5. In-house technology allows us to upgrade swiftly according to latest market needs.
  6. Our state of the art tracking system connects you to the most authentic set of customers across the globe.
  7. Our CMS Software tracks the exact number of people who click on your ads in real time statistics.
  8. Excellent targeting options to increase ad-relevancy

ManziNetworks Core Beliefs


Pay Per Performance

We are a result oriented Affiliate network, you pay us only for a decided action, be it a sales, leads, clicks or impressions.


Free Account Setup

No set up or maintenance fee To get started with Manzinetworks is very easy, unlike other CPA Networks. We do not charge any joining/start up/maintenance fee.


Reliable Tracking

Manzinetworks is powered by Hasoffers tracking system, which is known to be industry’s best tracking interface. Along with that, we manually screen each leads/sales generated through our system for authenticity.


Fraud Management

We monitor our publisher’s performance regularly keeping in mind the traffic generated and quality delivered. You will never have to pay for bad/fraudulent leads.


Dedicated Advertiser Support

One of our Advertiser Managers will constantly stay in touch with you and take care of all your concerns.


Quality assessment

Our dedicated affiliate manager will provide you with a daily/weekly/monthly report of lead/sales delivered to maintain accuracy of data.

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