Website Verification

How to proceed with the Verification of Meta code

We will try to guide you step by step on how to add Manzinetworks verification code.

1) You need to add the Manzinetworks verification meta code on the index page of your domain name or in simpler words the Homepage of your website.

2) Open the index.html OR index.php page of your webite

3) You can open these pages on any of the web development tools like “Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Front Page OR Notepad”.

4) The Meta codes should always be between the <HEAD> </HEAD> section of your page.

5) A Simple example of meta verification code is as below.



<TITLE>Your Title Name</TITLE>

<meta name=”MANZI-Verify-SITE” content=”11403-51d84943-7d27-4f8f-fb1b-65b887a8a9d3″  />

<meta name=”description” content=”This is my website” />

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Tourism in India, Places in India” />



6) Once you have uploaded the verification code, please fill the form and we will review your website.

7) Once you are accepted to run the campaigns of Manzinetworks, you can remove the meta verification code.

How to verify your website while using WORDPRESS

Login to your wordpress dashboard. Once you are logged in, scroll down and click on the “General” link under the heading “Settings”. Refer Fig 1.1 below.

Fig 1.1

You will receive a page, where you will have to enter your “Site Title”, Tagline etc. In the “Tagline” box, please enter “Affiliated with Manzinetworks” text. Refer fig 1.2 below.

Fig 1.2

Once you have entered the text, scroll down and click on “Save changes”. Refer fig 1.3 below.

Fig 1.3

Once your website has been verified, you can remove the text.



Alternatively, if you are still facing issues placing the Meta Tag, please follow the process below:

1) Create a plain text file from a text editor like “Notepad” and in the contents put ysAfwrWev1meXYpxe3L/fw==

2) Save the file as ‘manzipartnernetworkactivation.txt‘.

3) Upload the file to the base directory of your domains that you would like to verify.

Example: If your website is, your file would be located in

If you still have issues uploading the verification code, please email us at and we will guide you accordingly.

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