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New High Traffic Google Ranking Method

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Since the Panda and Penguin updates, it is even more confusing to figure out how to rank in Google.

The 3 basic foundational principles still apply:

1) Create good site content containing your desired keywords (without keyword stuffing)
2) Write good title tags (although Google can change these if #1 is not in place)
3) Get a variety of links from all different sources (making sure not too over-optimize desired terms and including “natural terms” like “click here” or “visit this site”)

So the fundamentals are still the same but the sensitivity and balance is now much more apparent.

However, YouTube videos are easier to rank than ever…I take that back. Maybe ranking YouTube videos in Google has not gotten easier. Maybe all of the old methods of ranking just still work with YouTube videos.

Think about it…Google owns YouTube so they are not going to de-index or ban YouTube for keyword stuffing or blasting a bunch of links to a YouTube video. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The videos just rank better. If, by the next-to-impossible-chance, your video did get “banned”, you could make a few changes to the video regarding length and/or content, re-upload it to another free YouTube account and start over.

The bottom line is, you can afford to take risks with YouTube videos that you may not be willing to take with your own website.

As an example, there is a YouTube video we helped rank which ranks in the Top 3 in Google for one of the most competitive terms on the Internet. And since the video has been up in the last 5 months, it has received over 300,000 views and ultimately drives traffic to the website the video is promoting. Talk about a huge traffic increase.

The best part is, the cost to rank the YouTube in the Top 3 in Google was less than 1/10th of the cost to rank a website and it happened in less than 30 days. And to be quite honest, it would be nearly impossible to rank a website and keep it there for 5 months for the investment and time it took rank the YouTube video for this particular term. (For obvious reasons, we cannot disclose the exact term which is ranking in this e-mail. However, if you would like to discuss it, please feel to call us at 1-801-542-9410 and we’ll be happy to disclose the information to you over the phone).

Ranking YouTube videos works especially well for the following:
– Affiliate marketers
– Local business listings
– High competition terms

Here are the key factors in ranking YouTube videos:
#1 – Be sure to put the keywords you are trying to rank in the title of your YouTube video
#2 – Be sure to include a link to your money site in the video description (Use the full URL, including “http” so that it will be an actual link.)
#3 – Build tons of direct match keyword links to your YouTube video

That’s really it. You should see Top 10 to Top 20 Google rankings within 30 days. Give it a try for yourself.

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