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How to promote offers, products or campaigns on Forums and blogs

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1. Find the forum or blog which is related to your keyword or product you want to promote.

2. Open a “new topic” post and make a respectable comment that is at least 30 words long. DO NOT COPY/PASTE from any other websites as search engines or google won’t craw or except in copy contents – instead, make a well written, unique – meaning that same or almost the same – text has not been posted ANYWHERE else) and positive comment about that website and it’s offerings.
DO NOT POST illegal, offensive, negative or harmful information.

3. Include the link in your post that would point to the URL you want to promote, and make sure that the link is within the content that you created – not at the beginning or end of it. You should not have ANY OTHER links in this post.
4. Post it (Done)

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