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  • How to promote offers, products or campaigns on Forums and blogs

    1. Find the forum or blog which is related to your keyword or product you want to promote. 2. Open a "new topic" post and make a respectable comment that is at least 30 words long. DO NOT COPY/PASTE from any other websites as search engines or google won't craw or except in copy contents - instead, make a well written, unique - meaning that same or almost the same - text has not been posted ...

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  • My Top Three website Spots to Promote ManziNetworks CPA offers

    In my 10 years of working as an Affiliate marketer, I have as such tried almost all the ethical methods to promote CPA Offers. Today I would like to share three different methods with our publishers that were most profitable for me personally. Give them a try and check if you too get similar results. Advertise Directly Within the Content or Article The best way to get going would be to ...

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  • New High Traffic Google Ranking Method

    Since the Panda and Penguin updates, it is even more confusing to figure out how to rank in Google. The 3 basic foundational principles still apply: 1) Create good site content containing your desired keywords (without keyword stuffing) 2) Write good title tags (although Google can change these if #1 is not in place) 3) Get a variety of links from all different sources (making sure not too over-optimize desired terms and including “natural terms” like “click here” or ...

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