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The most important aspect of generating quality traffic is to have unique and original contents on your blog/website. Like we have discussed earlier, we will be making a travel website, so let’s discuss what articles could make our website generate quality traffic.

A) Avoid copy paste from any other travel blog or website. Search engines will not crawl frequently on your website if the contents on your blog/website are not original.

B) Write small articles based on your experience or articles based on your friends/colleagues/family member’s experience. The articles should be in your own words.

C) Avoid writing huge articles. Customers want precise information and they do not have more than 120 seconds to read your article. If your article is accurate and precise, you can change a potential surfer on your website to a regular surfer on your website.

D) Try to add small pictures/graphics in your article. Avoid huge pictures as it takes a lot of screen space and it also takes a long time to load.

E) If you have gathered some information from another website, please give proper credits in your article to that website. It gives a sense of responsibility to a customer.

F) Try adding a unique article every alternate day. Do not add more than 2 articles on a single day. It will not help you gain quality traffic. Search engines do notice that there are new contents on your website periodically.

G) If you have the comments section “ON”, please make it a point to reply to your potential customers queries, so that they surf your website on a regular basis.

H) Use appropriate fonts and fonts size for your articles. Do not make the heading of your article too huge.

If you follow the above simple steps, 80% of your website is ready. The remaining 20% will be covered in the next article on generating revenue from your blog/website. Until then, enjoy your day and have a fun filled week.

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